Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Monday, June 9, 2008


Refuge Of Trust based from Psalm 62:5-8
Written February 8, 2006 in Mexico

How I thank You, my Father, for taking me down a road
In which many troubles and trials are known
Because in those things you have taught me to trust
And to rest in the arms of your sovereign love
You alone know my days from beginning to end
And the plans and purposes You have in them
So, no matter what, Lord, in You I will confide
And in the peace of Your presence, my heart will abide.

You are my God-the only refuge I turn to
And My soul finds rest in You alone.
I trust in You and pour out my heart to You
Because from you comes the source of my hope.

How I thank You my Father for having complete control
For to You there’s nothing hidden and nothing unknown
I choose to bless You and magnify Your name
And trust in Your Word for You never will change.
You alone see the picture of what I don’t see
In You I rest with perfect security.
So no matter what the situation may be
My Refuge of Trust and dwelling place You’ll always be!

It’s Totally God!
Written on October 16, 1995

Psalm 29:2 Psalm 115:1

I have seen You here every moment working in my life.
If I saw a million miracles they would not take that place,
For I never do a single thing without You by my side!
Lord, Your love runs deep and Your accomplishments are great!
You consider me more precious than a jewel or stone,
And with each day You give a new chance to start.
I choose with all I am to follow You alone!
Everything that I am is because of who You are!

Oh, whatever I do, it’s totally God,
For without His strength I can’t do anything at all!
Lord, come and always be the center of my life,
Daily I will make myself a living sacrifice!
For whatever You made me to be,
It is you who are working through me!
There is nothing of my own worthy to be called
Because, Lord, I look at You, and it’s totally God!

You have been faithful to me and I pray I’ll do the same!
With this life I might do great things-not one will I take credit for!
I’m just going to serve Jesus and bring to His Name!
Heart of devotion to Him ‘til I reach heaven’s door.
I consider it a gift, how You give so graciously,
I’d be missing so much on my life without You
For You have taken all I am, each part of me
And done more than I had dreamed You would ever do!

The Gift You Gave
written 1999

God has a treasure for children of the King
That the riches of earth cannot replace
He walks with us and always meets our needs
And gives us strength for every day.
Though storms and troubles come
And loved ones are called Home
We have true hope in what Christ has done
It’s the greatest hope I know!

Your only Son You did not spare
It was for us He gave His life
No other love can compare
To His perfect sacrifice!
So my heart is filled with thankfulness
The highest words cannot express
I stand alive in Your grace
Because of the gift that You gave!

We think of heaven where we will live one day
This world is not home for you and me
So we live each moment walking by faith
Trusting in what we cannot see!
We will praise You alone
For all eternity
If You had not paid the debt we owed
Not one of these things would be!

The things by faith I have believed
Will one day by my eyes be seen
And I will see You on that day
Because of the gift that You gave!


The Piper's Wife said...

Crystal, thank you for sharing your testimonies in song. It beautifully shows the depth of your relationship with the LORD and encourages me to continue to trust Him in my own trials.

The Piper's Wife said...
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