Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

NO CONDEMNATION-----Absolutely NONE!!!!

Hi Everyone,

So last night I was reading my Bible--reading through parts of Romans and 2nd Corinthians as God led me along-an hour passed by like five minutes---AWESOME!!! AWESOME!! I STILL cannot simply get enough of the Word----GOOD THING IT IS INEXHAUSTIBLE!!!! THAT THOUGHT THRILLS ME TO THE CORE!!!!!!!!!!

So I ran across a verse I had always "Heard" with my ears but not truly understood or experienced growing up. The verse was Romans 8:1 (and the REST of chapter 8 is like so totally incredible too) which says, "Therefore, there IS NOW no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO READ THAT AND REALIZE THAT THAT IS LIKE THE TOTAL TRUTH ABOUT YOU FOR LIKE THE FIRST OR SECOND OR THIRD OR FOURTH TIME??? I don't want to get carried away talking about experience for those of you that have a hard time with that (And I affirm you if you are one of those people that struggles that way and you are continuing to read anyways--We are all made differently and process things differently and it is OK!!) BUT WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO ACTUALLY, REALISTICALLY, INTRICATELY, WITH FAMILIARITY, KNOW that there is NO CONDEMNATION FOR ME--NONE-----NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see, I lived in condemnation---condemnation before God (Because I did not KNOW him yet) and a whole truck-load of self-condemnation because I could not forgive myself for things I had done---and quite frankly, I didn't see how God would be able to do so either. BUT ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED FOREVER BECAUSE NOW THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION AND THERE NEVER WILL BE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD has this amazing way of making His children so secure----NO CONDEMNATION---ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!!!!! How GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!! It was just the tip of the iceberg concerning my Bible reading last night--Bible reading that I no longer do out of a sense of "I have to" but rather "I WANT TO" because the GOD of the universe loves and chose me...and all I can do is love Him in return.....

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