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Friday, July 23, 2010

Interesting Interactions That God Gives

Hi Everyone,

It is very interesting the people that God brings across your path. I would like to share another story, avoiding any names, for the individual's privacy. But this is again all said for God's glory and honor, and as another part of my testimony.

God keeps bringing the same woman across my path---she is without permanent housing at the moment, but is not sleeping on the street. She floats from house to house of friends and family for the night. But let me tell you the story of how God brought her into my life.

Before I got saved (this was in the end of April or very early May) we started talking in a restaurant one day. I was not doing well in any sense and she wasn't doing well either, but she really encouraged me to keep going and to hang in there. Actually in a wierd way we both did that for each other. I made sure she had a place to go for that night and she shared some of her story with me--She is not addicted to drugs or alcohol or anything like that--and I could really sense that she "wasn't making up a story." She was telling me the truth. But is without housing at the moment due to other valid reasons.

Well, after that day, I just figured it was a one time experience and that we would not see each other again. But I did see her again, within the first two or three weeks of when I got saved towards the beginning of June. It was an incredible meeting near a public place. She was probably about the third person that I told my testimony to. And it was there that I discovered that she too is a believer and she was so thrilled that Jesus had made the truth of His love become real to me, and that I had finally been brought to the place of trusting Him. The meeting was so special that we had that day. She said that she would pray for me-and was so excited over the exceeding joy and peace that she now saw radiating from my face. I again asked if she had any needs or if there was anything I could do for her. She said so far God was providing her needs, mainly through a relative.

Well the other day, I went to volunteer and went for a lunch break--and I ran into her again close to where I volunteer. She said that she had just prayed for me that morning. I asked if she had eaten and if she needed anything for lunch. (My thought was to split something with her or something since I was going out myself.) But she assured me that she had just ate and that she was again trusting the Lord to provide for her needs. She said she believes her approval for housing is about to go through, so that she will no longer be finding places to stay for the night with friends and relatives. Her story has been so truthfully consistent each time. She is just someone the Lord lined up to bring across my path for this season of my life--and our last two conversations have been so truly joyful!!!

Please pray for this dear lady--that she would find housing soon, and for God's will concerning if we are to have anymore interactions with one another. Pray that God would give me His wisdom as I interact with her in those times! Praise the Lord that she knows Him as her Savior and has trusted Jesus Christ's payment for her sin on the cross! We are sisters in Christ!

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