Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Jesus Chrst Someone You Would Die For?

Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking about my statement that i made in a previous post that said:"I know I say things strongly sometimes, but I can't apologize for it! GOD'S TRUTH IS STILL THE TRUTH----and that is ABSOLUTE DEFINED TRUTH AS BY THE WORD OF GOD AND NOTHING ELSE!! Our culture has gotten so stinking wishy-washy about truth and what truth REALLY is, that it is absolutely pathetic!!!! We Don't STAND UP FOR ANYTHING ANYMORE (in general cultural terms as a whole, I mean)AND BECAUSE OF THAT WE WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING!!! The next statement is graphic, but the truth of what I feel RIGHT NOW!!(If I was in a certain place of the world where my head would be CUT OFF or I would be put to death for saying that, I would be perfectly OK with that!!)"

Do you even believe that there is absolute truth as defined by God in the Bible?

Is your relationship with Christ so real that you would put Him above everything else that the world has to offer?

Do you really believe that what you really believe is really real to the EXTENT that you would die for Jesus Christ?" or is your faith a mere assent to facts and information, or a form of "cultural Christianity" that you practice simply because so many other people around you "practice......something they call "Christianity?"

Now please don't get me wrong. I am not saying that we should all run out there and try to be self-martyr's and "make ourselves get killed for the cause of Christ." But, WOULD YOU BE WILLING??? What I am really trying to say is that, when you KNOW what you would truly live for and what you would truly die for, then I think you know what you TRULY believe-or at least have a really good idea of it!

Let's not forget that being a follower of Christ (a Believer, a TRUE CHRISTIAN) is not some fuzzy cute little mantra we all display by wearing Christian t-shirts (not that there is anything wrong with wearing a Christian t-shirt.) Christians were killed by the thousands in the coliseums of Rome and other places (and ares till being killed) for their faith--it isn't some "cutesy ordeal." (I am not saying that everyone is living that way either, I just want you to think!) Being a true Christian and follower of CHrits is a living vibrant faith in the living, one and only Son of God, Jesus Christ, because He died for us, and NOTHING COMPARES OR IS MORE VALUABLE THAN THAT RELATIONSHIP!! And Because he died for us, it should impact EVERY AREA of our hearts and lives (and yes, God is still working on all of us that are His to transform us.) It isn't a bunch of hoops of information to assert to and agree with--and then go and live however we want in our sin. It is a LIVING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GOD WHO MADE US.

On a side note I have another post that I started to write last night, but could not get up because I lost it due to internet complications, and am hoping to get that up this evening after getting back from volunteering this afternoon. So there may be a post under July 1st that you have not read yet (for those of you that read and follow daily, or near daily.)

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