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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing But A "Plan A"

Hi Everyone,

Before I was saved, I not only hated the concept of God's sovereignty, but I also hated the concept of us having "free-will." I didn't like the fact of God's sovereignty because that meant God was in control. I thought that I wanted to be in control (and then you find out what a disaster that really is.) And I didn't like the thought of free will either because that meant we as human beings were obviously going to mess up one way or another.

If you are confused because it sounds like I totally contradicted myself, by saying I didn't want God to be in control, but wanted my own choices, but yet really didn't want my own choices because I knew I'd "blow it," I am sorry. It really was both things at the same time, possibly because the closer I got to being saved, I realized that I was just mad that we were given the choice to go ahead and sin, and that through Adam, every one of us had done so......and it wasn't suppose to be that way. i remember thinking, "well, why couldn't God "just make us all love Him?" Then surely everything would be better!! But the answer to that question is that if He forced us to love Him, it would not be love at all.

So, thinking about the fact that God is sovereign and that we all make our choices, got me thinking about something. I started thinking about how so often in life people get scared that when they sin, that they've "missed God's plan for their lives"---and, therefore, are on plan "B" or "C" or "P", or even "z." I used to think that way, but I don't anymore because of something that I have come to realize.

I don't quite know how I can back this up with Scripture yet, so just take it with a grain of salt. But here is my thought. When God created each one of us, He was and still IS sovereign over our lives---whether we like it or not, He IS in control. And yet, he gives us free will to9 make our own choices. But yet, because God is all-knowing (omniscient), He already knows the end from the beginning and always has, and therefore GOD KNOWS EVERY DECISION WE WILL MAKE BEFORE WE MAKE IT, EVEN THOUGH IT IS FULLY OUR free will and CHOICE TO MAKE THE CHOICE!!

So because God knows and intricately has our lives in His hands, knowing our choices that we will make in our free will before we freely make them, even in our sin, our rebellion etc, he already knows the plan from the beginning to the end---and therefore there are no plan "b's," "C's," "P's," or "z's"---MY THOUGHT IS THAT IT ALL TO9GETHER REALLY IS HIS PLAN "A" FOR US THAT LOVE HIM.....THERE ARE NO MISTAKES OR "WHOOPS" WITH GOD!! ....His plan, far above our own, is to work it ALL (and by "all" " I mean everything out for out good and His glory!!

Do you see the freedom in that when we see that? Yes----GOD IS TRULY THAT in control, and THAT INTRICATELY AND PERSONALLY involved in our lives----individually!!

Does that mean we keep sinning? As I have said in so many other blog posts, absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

What IS His plan "A?" first and foremost that we would come to personally come to9 the place where we would allow him to change our hearts--to trust him as our Savior and what Jesus did for us on the cross--being brought not just to the facts of it all, but to a personal relationship with
himself---we were created for that and will NOT be satisfied until we are brought to9 that point in life.
And after that, His plan is for us to grow in Him and serve Him with every ounce of our strength and every breath as HE leads us--and directs each of us!! That will be different for each person as to how he uses us, BUT THE END RESULT IS FOR HIS GLORY NOT OURS!!!

But we don't need to get all bent out of shape when we fall---GOD WILL WORK IT OUT FOR HIS GOOD AND GLORY----IF WE ALLOW HIM AND TRUST HIM. He really IS BIG ENOUGH!!!!


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