Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Chorus this Morning, "Blessed Be The Lord, God Almighty!"

Hi Everyone,

There was another chorus that we didn't sing this morning, but a part of it was played on the piano at some point. I hope we sing it some time in the future! the Words are a good reminder to me today, especially, that, no matter what, God is STILL WORTHY of all the praise. And i find myself asking forgiveness of Him in the moments where I have allowed "life's momentary afflictions" to take my eyes off of Him for but a split second. And may wea ll be reminded of the continual need to keep our eyes focused upon Him, giving Him the parise and honor He is worthy of at all times. (myself included!)

Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty
Words & Music by Bob Fitts

Father in heaven, how we love You;
We lift Your name in all the earth.
May Your kingdom be established in our praises,
As Your people declare Your mighty works.


Blessed be the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is and is to come;
Blessed be the Lord God Almighty,
Who reigns forevermore!

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