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Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Opportunity to Try to Share...........

Hi Everyone,

I had another opportunity to well attempt to share the gospel today.....didn't get to share fully though because....well read and you'll find out why.

So I went out on another run of various errands on the city bus. And after I had finished, I was waiting for the bus so I could return back home. As I waited a couple came out and waited for the bus as well.

Somehow there was a comment by the husband made about death or something, so I casually started a conversation about eternal things. I said something at one point along the lines of, "Every person has to be prepared for eternity."

and he said, "Well it is either here (earth) or there (heaven)"

And I am thinking, "well you are missing the place the Bible talks about as hell, where we go IF we are separated from Christ and die in our sins." We don't "just all go to heaven," contrary to what so many would like to believe, when we die----and God isn't the "nice God" that so many try to think of Him as today that won't send anyone to hell-an eternity separated from Him.

But I didn't have a chance to gently and truthfully mention this, because at his mention of the word "heaven" his wife suddenly got very irate and upset.

But he kept mentioning "heaven," and his wife kept getting more and more angry at him for doing so.

So, I, still wanting to keep the conversation on the Eternal and importance of a personal relationship with God for each person, decided to say the few lines that I would be able to get in, that I prayed God would use somehow, by avoiding the topic of heaven all together. I didn't want his wife to be even more turned off to the gospel either, so I said out loud so they both could hear me, "Well the most important thing is to place your trust in the person of Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection on your behalf for your sins. It's the only way you'll get to heaven. Salvation is a free gift that we can NEVER EARN by our own works and efforts."

To my surprise, the wife stayed silent and didn't yell at me. The husband didn't say a word0at least not for a minute.

And then the husband, after a minute of silence, began going on and on trying to convince me about how "spiritual"--,whatever that means, he was.

I realized I had lost the opportunity to say anything else.

Because the wife, at the sound of her husband trying to "convince me" he was "spiritual," began to rant and rave about this and that person who she was mad and upset at to herself. It was really sad to hear and watch. She was an older lady, obviously much older than the husband, and he had said they had been married just nine weeks. It was just so obvious to me that she had become so angry at God, and embittered at life and everything else, it seemed. And she is lost, without Jesus, and the husband also appeared to be in the same situation as her.

I am sure their marriage is very "interesting", to say the least. It was all so sad.

The bus soon came and the attempt at sharing the gospel with them was long over, but as I type this, my heart is still praying for them---that the Lord would reach down in His love and one day set them both free from their blind captivity.

And they are just one couple---there are so many others that are out there, just like them.

Let's all keep asking the Lord to use us for His glory to reflect His light and ABSOLUTE TRUTH in this dying, lost, dark world that we live in.

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