Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

At The Airport-----A Celebration of God's Mercy And Grace!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I just have to capture this moment by writing something about it! I am at the airport and my flight to Dallas/Fort Worth takes off in a little more than two hours. The end result of this flight is of course a precious reunion with my team in Mexico, for our mini conference, AND LOTS OF GOOD HEALTHY COMMUNICATION!

And this is such a celebration of God's mercy and grace in my life, because when I was here at this airport two times ago, once upon my arrival in December, and the other time to take a greyhound bus to Chicago, both times I was VERY desperate and literally hopeless, because I did not have the Lord Jesus Christ, the GIVER OF ALL HOPE, in my life.

So sitting here today is a celebration--BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. And I owe the Lord Jesus Christ all of the glory and honor, because without his gracious and merciful intervention in my life those eleven weeks ago, I still would be in that lost and desperate state.IT IS ALL TO THE PRAISE OF HIS GLORY!!!!

So here I come, precious Mexico team members--Here I come----and I am SO EXCITED to have the blessing, honor, and privilege of spending the next two weeks of my life with you! We are going to make the most of it..and pray together for the Lord's perfect timing for my return to the field on a long-term basis.

So pray for tomorrow. I have a lunch meal and conversation time planned with Fernando and Flor, the couple that I lived, for almost a year, with before I moved out on my own. Pray for precious times of sharing as I "catch them up" to all that God has done since we talked last! I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SPECIFIC CONVERSATION!!!!

In general, pray that God would "dust off any Spanish language cobwebs" that are in my mind or tongue, and that I would be able to communicate in Spanish effectively and clearly.

I will do my very best to keep updating this blog while in Mexico. I have no intentions of stopping, but internet access may be a little bit different for me in Mexico, and obviously during our mini conference, I will be focusing on that. So, if you happen to not hear from me for a day or two, please know it may be due to being busy at mini-conference or the occasional internet access issue. but do keep checking, because I will do my best to update as I am able to, and as circumstances permit. And THANK YOU for praying during this time with my team, that the Lord has so graciously given to all of us!!!

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! GREAT THINGS HE IS DOING!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am so honored to be a vessel He has chosen to use, and that He has called to Himself!

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