Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back From Conference..Still In Mexico

Hi Everyone,

I am back from our mini conference! It was truly a JOY to be with the team and to be able to be at out camp and ministry center property again! It felt like home''Like I had never left! Being at conference really was something that God used to confirm so many things to my heart. When I was with the team all together, it felt like family--I had never quite sensed it like that before! I guess since I am a part of the family now, and am assured and certain of that now, it makes a BIG difference.

Thanks for your prayers regarding my attitudes and responses regarding communication. I really saw some neat progress, was able to sincerely apologize immediately upon blowing it, and obviously still need the Lord to work on me just like the rest of us!

There was some really truly useful information that I gained from conference--some practical stuff to apply to my life personally in aspects of daily living. As I said, it was so good to be there. A personal precious moment in conference was this morning when my team had a time of prayer and dedication of my life to the Lord for me, recognizing the truly transformational work that GOD has done in my heart and life and also praying for His timing regarding my return. It was all for His glory! It was good to pray about many things through our prayer times together.

Please pray for wisdom as to how to use my next four days here, being able to visit people that the Lord wants me to spend time with, do errands and find things that I would like to bring back for a variety of reasons, for a talk with my field leaders on Saturday morning in deeper detail, since we didn't quite get that one-on-one time to talk fully during conference as we desired. In the midst of running errands and visiting others, pray also for adequate time with Fernando and Flor, and that they would truly KNOW that I love and deeply appreciate them, in the midst of the fact that it appears I will be missing several meals with them and things, do to other planned visits. Thank you!

It may soon start raining here so I may have to quit for the night, but I have several posts waiting to write regarding insights and thoughts on things that I am learning down here as I continue to grow.

I plan to spend a few hours writing in the next day or two, to get some of the insights and thoughts out of my head and share them with you all!


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