Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Called to Remember and NEVER Forget!

Hi Everyone,

today was the second time I have taken the Lord's Table with my church family being a Believer--hey, it has been close to 9 weeks now and I am so totally NEVER getting tired of this!!

As I took the Lord's Table today, I was thinking about how we are called to REMEMBER and NEVER forget!......remember what Jesus Christ did for us on our behalf and never forget it...and never forget the difference that He has made in our lives since He rescued us from our lost and separated condition from never forget what that separation felt like, lest we forget and become filled with a lack of gratitude.

We must REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET that He is our first love and that there is no other that will ever be worthy of taking that place......and is someone or something else has taken that place it is wrong because NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD deserves the place that He has in our lives and no one and nothing else gives us the love and depth of true pure satisfaction, joy, and peace that He gives!! NOTHING!!!----and we really wouldn't want anything else to have that place because it would just be miserable!!

And we must REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET that God has blessed us through Jesus Christ with every spiritual blessing.....and that we are blessed because He has become the Rock and Refuge that we alone have trusted in and there is no one and nothing else. And our lives, even our trials, and all things we would call good are gifts from God and we have been given so much....OH SO VERY MUCH!!!!!! It all shapes us to be more like Him, and seriously, what else could we really want? We truly have all that we need.

So let's always REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET!!!! We are called to do so.

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