Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Dream

Hi Everyone,

I don't necessarily "put a lot of stock" into dreams that I have, and take it with a huge grain of salt and don't really believe that they have any "significance", but there is one dream that I had back in March that deeply encouraged me, and seeing to the fact that I will be in Mexico tomorrow evening, I thought I would share this (with a grain of salt of course.)

So basically the dream was that everything (including the recent Mexico stuff mentioned as a part of my testimony yesterday) had happened. But eventually, I was joyfully back on a flight to Mexico. And seated next to me was a woman on the flight. I began to share my testimony to her it it's entirety. As I got to the Mexico and "eating issues" part, she began to sob and told me she was struggling in that way. So in the dream, I just shared the gospel with her, and we kept talking. And by the end of the flight she had been drawn to understand what Christ's love really meant for her personally and had given Him her trust.

I woke up from the dream deeply encouraged that God was going to use everything that had happened in my life for some good purpose, although at that point, I was still struggling intensely emotionally and with the doubts about God's love and all for me, and literally could not see beyond all of that. And I also woke up convinced that God still had plans for me, for at least part of my life, to serve Him in Mexico.

So tomorrow, I am getting on a flight back to Mexico. I KNOW that I belong to God now. I don't "need a dream" to tell me to share the gospel with someone. I believe that sharing the gospel will happen as I interact naturally and intentionally with people tomorrow along the way. But I must say I am looking forward to the thought that God may choose to use me in the airport or on my flights to share His love with someone. Pray that I would be available and be given the words to say to whomever He wants me to share with. I am excited about tomorrow and what will happen during the privilege and honor of being in Mexico with my team over the next two weeks.

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jonquilles.sauvages said...

whooohoooo!!!! Halelujah! God has shown you a special expression of kindness in this dream, Crystal, and I believe an answer to our prayers for His comfort and joy in the shadows and confusion of those March days. He loves you greatly! I am praying for your flight, may this trip also be filled with joy and with the confirmation of God's hand over your life. Psalm 90.17