Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A GREAT Talk With my Field Leaders Today!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that being here in Mexico has indeed been a blessing. I really believe that the Lord has confirmed that I am to return according to HIS timing.

Once I got got my field leader' house, we had an INCREDIBLE HONEST heart to heart talk about so many things-----IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!

My field leaders (and, I believe my team as a whole) really see that the Lord has indeed transformed and changed my life. They have told me that they WANT ME TO RETURN IN THE LORD'S TIMING. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! The door is so open and I praise the Lord for that!!!! I am so excited!! (Can you tell??)

I love it here. I love serving the Lord wherever I am, but I await with great anticipation the day that I return here long-term. MEXICO and the people, and my team will always be in my thoughts and prayers---and I am NOT just saying that as some cliche. I MISS THESE PEOPLE LIKE CRAZY WHEN I AM NOT WITH THEM!!!!

So praise the Lord for the wonderful conversation I had with my field leaders and for our desire as a team to grow in areas of more healthy communication...TOGETHER!!!!

God is so good! He REALLY is!!!

After I went to my field leader's place, and after we had talked about two hours or so, I went to my co-worker's house, discovered I had accidentally mis-understood our time that she had planned to have lunch with me, BUT amazingly, God provided ahead of time for my mis-thought of her communication because another brother in Christ called her last night and invited her to celebrate his birthday with his family. She asked if I could come along, and he said "yes!" (In MEXICO the more you have present to celebrate, especially in CHRIST, the better it is!) So when I got to her house around 3:00 and she wasn't there, I called her cellphone and she explained the situation and the invitation to the birthday party. So she came by from the store, picked me up, and we went together.

I didn't know anyone there, but they were brothers and sisters in Christ, so it was awesome! I have noticed how neat it is that I am so much more "in tune and present" in conversations that are happening at the moment now, instead of focusing on "me, myself, and I" (YUCK!!)

While I was there, one of the ladies mentioned that she is interested in serving the Lord in missions possibly in the future, so my co-worker was able to share with her about the cross cultural training program that we have when she gets to that point, and they are going to keep in touch and talk further. But the neat thing was that I was also able to encourage her as well and gave her my e-mail incase she wants to ever talk further, and I was just able to share some of my experience with her and answer a few questions and things that she had as well. So THANK THE LORD for using me in that way!!! THE GLORY IS HIS!!!!

Then I did some more shopping for gifts and things, took a taxi back to Fernando and Flor's house, and the moment I got HOME, it began to rain really hard! So Praise the Lord for HIS generous and gracious timing in that. And some Mexican believers that were here for discipleship needed the taxi that I had literally just arrived in the moment I arrived!!



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