Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little "Heart Checks"

Hi Everyone,

The last time I knew, My physical heart appeared to be working just fine----I mean I am obviously alive!! But I wanted to write about something else---a different kind of "Heart Check"

One thing that amazed at conference was how many times the Spirit of God gently prompted me giving me "heart checks" about times where my heart attitude wasn't right or was "getting off." And this included times where maybe the other person didn't even have a clue, but I knew in and of myself and was gently convicted about an attitude or thought towards someone, or maybe just having a sense that my general attitude was getting to that "not pleasing to God" point.

I hope and pray I will always be sensitive this way to the Lord before things become well nasty. Bu I guess in a sense it really is nasty to God when we sin, even when only Him and us know. I mean it "isn't OK" or something to "blow over." We NEED TO TAKE CARE OF THINGS RIGHT AWAY WITH HIM---THAT IS A KEY TO WALKING IN PEACE AND JOY and having the humility to talk to someone else if we think we may have offended them, if needed.

So I am thankful foe the "heart checks" that God have me over these last three days and a willingness to admit where I have been wrong, to others, as necessary. As I said, I pray it continues, and that I NEVER lose this.

Will you pray that for me? Maybe we should pray that for one another.

We must also remember that we can't "do the Holt Spirit's work for Him and can't nor should we in and of ourselves try to replace that work in others, We need to trust that He will work in the life of the other person, However, this DOES NOT MEAN we avoid talking to others about sin or other things as GOD directs us, in TRUTH and LOVE, and with REALITY AS GOD SEES IT.

Lord, make us sensitive to Your Holy Spirit at work in us, and please do continue to give us those "heart checks" so that we can be further transformed to become more like You----and live lives that bring glory to You!

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