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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mexican Tacos are the BEST in The World!

Hi Everyone,

So tonight I went out to eat tacos at my most absolute favorite place! 'Tacos De Sabores." (Tacos of Flavors) I hadn't had tacos yet like that since being here this time.

It is interesting because the last time was there was November 18th 2009, the night before I flew out from Mexico to my mission agency back in the States---to try to figure out things. And I remember it clearly, because when I had ordered the tacos, I could bo longer taste them, due to the "not eating factor," (if you are wondering what I am talking about, read the post in August 2010 called "The Unheard Part of My Testimony...til Now." So at that point I was actually extremely devastated, and of course thought I had lost my taste forever, but thankfully that is not the case!

My first thought when I bit into one of the tacos was, "Wow! This is amazing!!!"

Let me just say that if you haven't had tacos in Mexico type "Al Pastor" (no it has nothing to do with a church "Pastor"!!), you have not had real tacos.......wish we could get away with those taco stand shops in the States. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, American friends, MEXICAN TACOS really are better tasting when made properly!

And hey, to any of my team members, what do you say we have a taco celebration when I come back long term to celebrate. Obviously because some of us are in different areas, we might have to make it into 2 or three separate celebrations due to location!

So after I ate my "tacos al pastor", I went to the grocery store again and guess what? I made an interesting cultural discovery. Let me back up by saying that in Mexico classes start tomorrow, and I have never seen that store so busy in all of my life, especially for an evening. Everyone was buying school supplies with their kids for school at the last minute!!! I noticed this and asked a Mexican lady if this was common, and her response in Spanish was that "Yes, we tend to wait for the last minute and prefer the excitement of the chaos!" Actually, it WAS kind of fun!!!!

So after I bought a few more gifts, I went to the checkout. It was starting to get dark so I decided to take a taxi back to Fernando and Flor's house and just like my arrival in Mexico this time with having exactly enough pesos for my bus ticket from the airport to where I am now, I had exactly ENOUGH pesos to get a ride in the taxi and leave a very small tip to the driver. Pretty cool, huh! It is neat to see how God provides! He IS good!!!!

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