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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mexico----Smells Good!!!

Hi Everyone,

As I was walking along to eat the tacos tonight, I walked by a certain place that used to smell well......less than becoming---shall I say? But today it smelled really good.

There are a few possible explanations for this

1) The rainy season down here and the EXTRA abundant supply of water that we have received down here "keeps things moving" so it the former smell isn't noticed.

2) Someone did some work and replaced the broken pipes or whatever the problem was.

It was just neat to walk by there and smell the fresh flowers gently "perfuming the air" and I said to myself...."Awesome! Mexico smells good!"

Now let me say there are other places that literally have an aroma that smell awesome too.

But, like anywhere else, there are still places that smell "unbecoming."

I guess since I can actually smell again, (when I lost my taste I lost my smell as well for months), I was just REALLY TRULY APPRECIATING IT!

Mexico is a beautiful place-a different kind of beauty than the United States and the area and state where I am from, but beautiful just the same!

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