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Monday, August 30, 2010

More On John Wesley

Hi Everyone,

I am still reading the John Wesley biography, and one thing that stood out to me is a quote that someone said to John Wesley when he was still working through His doubts and not sure of his salvation, and had not yet come to the place of assurance.

The quote was: John Wesley saying "Brother Boehler, how can I preach to others of faith," he asked privately, "if I have none myself?" "Preach faith until you have it, and then because yo have it, you will continue to preach faith." (Heroes of The Faith:John Wesley: Founder Of The Methodist Church, by Sam Wellman, Barbour books, page 101.)

Maybe you need more context to make sense of it, but I kind of like the quote somehow...not that a bunch of unsaved people should be encouraged to go into ministry or anything.....but I guess I just thought it was interesting. But hey, there are some of those in the midst of being so busy serving God, in whatever way, that sometimes later on discover mid-way that they were so busy "doing things for God" and yet there was no personal relationship. It is neat how God works with each person to show them HIS ABSOLUTE UNCHANGING TRUTH! The Glory is all His!

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