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Monday, October 25, 2010

Experience MUST Be Rooted In God's Truth!

Hi Everyone,

I've mentioned this before in another blog post or two in concept, but never dedicated a full post to the topic.

Without saying this to "pick on anyone", I am just going to say a few quick things.

Honestly, for those that come from backgrounds of Evangelical teaching that are conservative, something which needs to to be realized that there is a real expeiiencial element to your relationships with God---and there is a need to NOT be so afraid of that.

And if you are of a more "experience related" tradition, you need to be sure that things are lining up with the Word of God, doing the best you can to discern and rightly divide the Word of Truth. Is what you are being taught matching up with the Word of God?

So without saying anything against anyone, I just want to say that Experience MUST be rooted in God's truth----and if your experience is TRULY rooted in God's truth and Word, and you are sticking to that, things should not be steered wrong. God does not lead us to do things that are contrary to His Word.

God's truth needs to be the focus without emotion totally "carrying us away." But at the same time, there is valid emotion in the experience of walking daily with HIM. It's how we were created and we shouldn't just try to "shut it all off" either.

So there are some thoughts......Blessings to you all!

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