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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How We Do Buisiness

Hi Everyone,

The other day, a fellow believer and I were discussing "How business is done in the work world from a worldly standpoint."

Many times, there is so much SELFISH AMBITION IN IT.

Here is a scenario " A company fulfills contracts for a certain service, making a part, etc for other companies. So someone comes and wants a project done at such and such a date. Now the company that makes the part or provides the service obviously wanta the "busuness--and to do whatever the project is because they want the profit from it. They know that the time-frame that those wanting the project done in is realy steep, but for the sake of not losing the contract, do not tell the "someone who wants the service" that it realy may be "Un-doable" due to their employees or other situations.

Now it's such a "I want it NOW!" world out there that they know that if the company were to come and say to their people wanting the service that they may not be able to quite have it at the desired date, the person wanting the service would just go somewhere else to someone that could fulfill it, and the company would lose business.

So the company contracts with them that they will have it done by the desired date and at the end major problems result in the company's employees maybe not being respected because the project "has to be done NOW!" and to the world where "YOU ARE your job and work and money is your "god," they may have a hard time understanding why some employees while they work hard, have many other priorities in life and are not "married to their job."

But tension develops when either the company wanting the service isn't honest about how much money it is going to take to begin with or how much they have to begin with, or also when the company providing the service isn't honest to begin with about how long it is really going to take realistically, so then their employees can be disregarded."

Sometimes it's like a bunch of preschoolers running around going "Me, myself and I---I am the center of the world!"


But is the way business is done in the world (IN GENERAL) how it should be done?

I don't think so!!!

I mean there shouldn't be this things of such a selfish, "I want what I want when I want it NOW----and I don't care who suffers," attitude among receiving products and services.

Is the world really going to hurt a week or two if we don't have it, "by tomorrow?"

And for those providing "whatever is needed" it would be NICE to be able to have that integrity to be able to say "This is what I, in integrity, could honestly give you based on the time-frame we have and the money you have."

And I realize there ARE people that really try to do that, so I am NOT picking on anyone. It is just a general thought that there can tend to be a lot of selfish ambition and dishonesty in how things are done in business---in the overall world system---and it is too bad that it is sad that it is that way.

So what's the ideal way to "do business?"

With up-front honesty, integrity, and consideration of all people involved.

It was just a discussion the fellow believer and I were having----so I thought I;d blog for some thought-----and if i just lost you, I apologize. Come back and read another post. (sometimes it's hard to make general scenarios clear......because it isn't aimed at anyone in particular)

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