Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Friday, October 22, 2010

My "Christ In Me." Identity Statement

Hi Everyone,

This is my "Christ-In-Me" Identity Statement

Introduction Statement

"Jesus, You, who loves me, passionately and intimately, are my very sustenance and life. We abide perfectly enmeshed in one another, and are inseparable. I want, need, and have no other life but You alone. You work absolutely everything in and through me, and not one thing I do is done without Your guidance and instruction."

Body to the "Christ-In-Me" Identity Statement

"You are ALWAYS with and for me. You are my faithful, ever-abiding, constant friend and companion. You will never leave nor forsake me. You have fashioned and formed me, knitting me together perfectly, according to your plans and purposes for me. With You and in You, I am designed to accomplish and fulfill all that You have planned in advance for me, as You do the work in and through me. You have already provided solutions for my every need, and every need that I have allows me to joyfully express my complete dependence upon You. Others in the Body of Christ are able to do what You have pre-ordained for them as You, through them, allow them to at times come alongside to help me. Together we are victorious in every situation. We are always a winning team. Every plan You have ordained for the sake of Your Kingdom will succeed. You love me perfectly and have already promised that you will always provide and care for me today, tomorrow, and throughout eternity, and I am at rest and trust in you 110%. You have everything it takes for every situation since we face everything together. We lack nothing. You, Yourself, are more than enough for every situation. In You I am fully equipped for all you intended and together We are MORE than overcomers. You accept me at all times. There is nothing I could ever do that would change that. Your acceptance of me, expressed through Jesus' love, has greater value than anything else. You laid down Your very life for me, and because if this, I am of infinite value and importance to You. You have healed and restored me.....and it is all to the praise and splendor of Your glory! Let's GO and SHINE YOUR LIGHT TOGETHER!"

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