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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Escaped Mexican Train Piece!

Hi Everyone,

Today I am cleaning my room. Well In process I found this!

Now to most of you this means absolutely nothing----but to my Mexico team it means the world--well not quite the world--but it is a game piece from Mexican train--the game we all play together at conference and's a team thing! seeing this piece brought back all kinds of awesome memories and emotions! I am so a little piece of plastic! (maybe I sound crazy!)

OK, How did I end up with it in the first place?

Well, when I went to conference in August I brought several items to the team. One was a bag of Mexican Train pieces 70 to be exact.....except I think Ivy is accidentally missing one of them!

Ivy, I believe this piece belongs to you! Would you like to come up and get it, or shall I just bring it down to you when I come?? (Just Kidding--you know I will bring it down for you!!)

And get ready to play some Mexican Train everyone----well hopefully soon!

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