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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Culture!

Hi Everyone,

Today I learned something new! February 2nd is tamale day--where Mexicans eat Tamales. They are made out of a corn flower and then filled with a variety of yummy things...they can be sweet, spicy, or mild depending on what they are filled with and then they are wrapped with with corn husks or in some places banana leaves and then steamed to cook for an hour and a half to 2 hours.

I ate tamales twice today--once at my field leader's house for breakfast and then this evening at the women's Bible study with Fernando and Flor's church. I never knew there was a day where everyone eats them. I wish we had February 2nd every month! It was actually quite exciting because after those really good tacos last night---I was thinking, "I want to eat a tamale!"

I asked about why it is a tradition to eat them on February 2nd and no one really knows except that people do it. Really you can eat them whenever you want---but i have to admit I am more than excited that February 2nd is tamale day----and even more excited that I was HERE for it!

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