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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

La Cucaracha

Hi everyone,

Several of my friends have posted their bat or insect stories-so here is one for fun.

Yesterday I had just finished taking a shower when all of the sudden something fell out of my hair!!!!

I looked down and saw a HUGE cockroach scurrying accros the floor and running to hide behind the toilet. (They can run quite fast!)


It must have been on the shower curtain or something originally.

I grabbed this thing that we use to push the water off of the floor towards the shower drain and was determined not to let the cockroach escape.

Once I had it blocked by the water pusher thing I began to hit it with it--and started making all of these odd karate type noises as I was doing so. (Maybe it helped me hit it harder or something)

THANKFULLY there is now one less cockroach for mankind here in Mexico----i just can´t believe it landed in my hair! ew!!!!

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