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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Form Of Godliness.....Denying It's Power

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HI Everyone,

This week is where we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection.

As I saw people making palm branches weaved in the form of crucifixes, selling them like hot cakes on Saturday and Sunday outside of every cathedral in town, and saw that the palm branches that people had bought were "blessed" by the priest with "holy water," it reminded me of so many that have a form of what many would consider godliness-and yet don't understand what Christ's death really means. As I observed parts of the mass, with the goal of understanding more of what the people really believe, I was reminded that for so many Christ's death really is not believed to be sufficient. And at the same time, my heart broke for them-I want them to know JESUS personally and not just know about Jesus. Those are two totally different things. I am burdened even more for the people here--please pray with me.

What a CONTRAST it was to go to the church that same Sunday morning where I am attending and later hoping to serve as God and the leadership permit! The faces radiating with joy because we serve a risen Lord, their warm greetings, solid teaching from the Word, the fellowship of being together-what a celebration! I love being with them and feel that God has truly ;ed me there in every way

Please pray as I am working fervently on my cultural paper this week and seeking to interact with as many as possible-The good thing about this week is that so many people are thinking about Christ's death--pray that I can be a vessel and share with them the step further that many do not yet know----that by trusting in Christ's ALL SUFFICIENT sacrifice ONCE AND FOR ALL on the cross is the ONLY way to receive forgiveness of sin and eternal life in Heaven. Pray that God would give me wisdom and that I would be able to share His HOPE with gentleness and respect........and for open hearts and ears to listen.

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