Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Thoughts

Hi Everyone,

How wonderful it is to know that Jesus died and rose from the grave priving that HE is God. How wonderful it is that His sacrifice was and is perfectly sufficient offered once for all. How wonderful it is that the guft of eternal life is for all who will give their trust completely to Him alonefor the forgiveness of their sin. How wonderful that we have a God who works in our hearts and lives to draw men to Himself! How WONDERFUL it is to live with the HOPE and the absolute certainty of knowing that I will go and be with Him for all eternity when I die. It is the greatest joy in the world!

But today here in Mexico I observed a procession focusing on the "stations of the cross"---and a partial reinactment of Christs death on the cross. It was not like the passion plays you see at home. And as I sat in a cathedral filled to the brim with people, my heart felt so sad----because nearly all of those people do not know the precious truths I just wrote about and have been rejoicing in above. But that is why I am here---to share about Christ in Mexico and beyond.

Yet at the same time, it was a good experience for the cultural paper I am working on. God provided a woman, and this was not the person that invited me to observe, that explained what was going on and answered my every question. I have four single spaced pages for my cutural paper on Lent and Holy Week alone. I am not done withthe paper though'there is still much more to explore on the other two religious holidays that I am investgating to doscover what the people believe and think. Pray that the Lord would put people in my path to be able to help me in this.

As you celebrate Christ and remember His death and Resurrection these next days, please pray for me here in Mexico.....and even more for the precious people that I interact with every day that do not yet know Him.

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