Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Friday, May 27, 2011

An Afternoon With Conchita

Hi everyone,

So I hung out at Conchita's for six hours yesterday after work. It was fun-us both lying on the mattress-me listening mostly as she told me her story.

Conchita married young and is a few years older than me, but has three children and has been married for 20 years. Three years ago she was in an automobile accident and was thrown from the car and is almost completely paralyzed except for the fact that she has very limited use of her hands...but is dependent on others for almost everything she needs.

So she told me about her journey to having a living relationship with God--which is some ways was similar to mine....and yet very unique at the same time, she talked about her daily struggles and at the same time would occasionally blurt out these words of wisdom and perspective that astounded me. We talked about today's youth of the world and the crisis' of society that extend beyond cultural boundaries...which really boil down to one thing--man needing to KNOW God.

I discovered that yes, I DO like the Mexican white corn on a cob with mayo, chili, and well a tiny few sprinkles of cheese---that there is great pleasure sitting outside talking, spraying Conchita with a water bottle to cool her fever, drinking a coke, listening to music, and greeting more neighbors that I had not met yet in the process.

We did not get to the park, but we will do so another day.

I went home thankful...and my frustrations that previously seemed so big---were tiny specks in perspective of it all.

So tonight I will go to the house group that I shared with last week---and Conchita will be there too.......Pray that God would encourage her heart---she has a long road to travel.

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