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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awesome Tamale Making Day!

Hi Everyone,

This morning Olga (The lady whose house I rent a room at), Ivy (My Sending base leader's wife), and I got together and made yummy tamales! We took tons of pictures! Ivy was up really early cooking the green salsa, meat, mole, and vegetables.

After everything was cooked (a huge job) Olga and I arrived at Ivy's house. I cleaned the corn husks that the tamales are cooked in.

Olga made the dough with Ivy helping too. The dough is just right to use for the tamales when a small amount of it floats on top of a glass of water.
Pictured above: Olga is on the left and Ivy is on the right

We filled the corn husks with a little dough, the ingredients and put dough on the top, wrapping the corn husks

They then cook with water boiling water at the bottom for 45 minutes in the pressure cooker or longer in a regular pot.
And the end product is the best ever!!!! Deliciously tasty when they are made right! YUM!!!!!
We all had fun working together.
Well I need to quit posting on my blog and get back to work! Thanks for your prayers!

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