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Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite Time Of Year

Hi Everyone,

Mexicans are generally VERY patriotic. The patriotism is a part of the culture that many times I enjoy and appreciate. September 15th is the Independence Day celebration. This time of year is one on my favorite's here from a cultural standpoint. Last year I remember how much I longed to be here to celebrate the bi-centennial, but this year I am excited to be here for Mexico's 201th Independence celebration.
The Government building in the town square called the Zócalo is decorated for the occasion where many Mexican will participate in what s known as "the grito." More about this later!

There are stands all over the place, a month or so prior to the day, with people selling Mexican flags, decorations, cheap jewelry, and all kinds of other things in red, green and white for the celebration.
Many churches also have their own celebrations for congregation attendees and their families and friends---complete with a brief review of Mexico's history, singing the Mexican National Anthem and Worship songs, games, and tons of delicious food options. And I haven't decided if I am going to the zócalo or to my church celebration yet, but I am leaning towards going to church since my ever-awesome youth group is in charge of planning the games---should be interesting! So in a week I will let you know which one I decided and how it went!

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