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Friday, October 7, 2011

Mexico: Creative And Colorful!

Hi Everyone,

There are many things that I appreciate about the people and culture here. One of those many things is the effort and tendency towards creativity to take normal things and make them beautiful when maybe some of us would just throw it away. Another thing I love is the color-lots of things are bright and colorful.

This afternoon, for example, I went to a little restaurant to eat lunch for something different by the town square. And here was what the table I sat at looked like (I sat by the big butterfly, of course!)
Here was the center of my table-isn't this neat!
So the waitress looks at me with this smile while I am taking pictures of my table-- as if people do this every day--but then I really started feeling like a crazy tourist when I started taking pictures of other tables (where no one was seated of course!)

Don't you just love the lady bug?
It amazes me that people on the planet have that kind of patience to piece little squares together one by one out of mosaic and create something out of it that looks quite aesthetic! I would never have that kind of patience. This actually is an art form here in Mexico but I don't have the name of the art form at the moment. Pretty neat, huh?

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