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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Taste Of Home!

Hi Everyone,

One of my favorite things from home that I miss when I am here is Jiffy blueberry muffin mix. I have been notorious for bringing boxes of the mix with me through customs and people have sent it in care packages at times. I had never been successful in finding it at stores here.

Yesterday, however, I used my day off to invite one of the girls from youth group over to hang out and see where I live.

I got out one of the three remaining boxes that I had of the Jiffy blueberry muffin mix thinking that if my friend came wanting something to eat, mid morning before lunch, I could make her blueberry waffles. I set the box of mix on my dresser so I would remember to offer it.

Well, it ended up she couldn't come until the afternoon. In the course of the afternoon, after we had eaten lunch she mentioned the box of blueberry mix and asked where I had bought it.

I told her I had brought it from the States and wondered how in the world she knew about Jiffy Blueberry muffin mix--as far as I knew I had looked and never seen it sold in stores.

"I know where to get that here in Mexico!" she said

I was all excited asking "Where? Where?"

She mentioned a grocery store across town that I had noticed in the past carries some imported items I can't find anywhere else. I guess it must also be the one store where I never checked the baking section!

Today after work, I just HAD to go check it out!

And sure enough, I got a little overexcited and came home with six boxes of my favorite blueberry muffin mix! They are sure to last quite awhile!

Wow! I can buy my blueberry muffin mix here in Mexico for about 20 cents more a box! I think blueberry waffles are in order for my breakfast tomorrow morning! YUM!!!!!! Who wants to join me?

A taste of home! And yes, my friend still wants blueberry waffles some Saturday morning at her house.

God is good!

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