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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Update

HI Everyone,
This past week was filled with activity and ministry.  This is once  again my reason for not updating like I thought I would have time for.

On Saturday a week ago Conchita had a belated birthday celebration for me and made her famous meatballs to celebrate. It was good to have time together and get caught up on the news in each other's lives since i had been away.

Monday and Wednesday last week we had Vacation Bible School here at my church and had 50 children attend. I was assigned to assist in the missionary room. It was neat to see a lot of kids come who didn't come to our church. Pray that God would continue to work in their hearts and lives. It was really interesting and insightful seeing cultural differences in how things were done during the week.

Last night I was at a friend's church for an all night prayer vigil from 6:00 pm to 5:00 am.I really wanted to share my testimony at one point but it got quite late and my thoughts weren't coming together. I sort of feel like a walking zombie from being awake all night today but it isn't anything a good night of sleep won't fix. :) It was really good to be a part of the time last night, and again just gain a new perspective on some cultural things. :)

I did make it to church this morning--It was a really neat sermon today about more practical ways to live out the Christian life on a daily basis. We have a pastoral team that switches off preaching on different Sundays, so the diversity of style and how each person communicates is refreshing.

Tomorrow morning on my day off  (Monday) I am taking my little birdie Hope back to the lady I bought her from to see if i can get some help for her red eye that irritates her something awful. I am praying that my friend Maria will have wisdom and something to help with this. There aren't really avian vets here so I am doing the only thing I know to do.

Wednesday this week it looks like I will be helping with another vacation Bible school in one of the communities that my church here as been reaching out to with bi-monthly Bible studies to see the Kingdom extended amongst people there. Pray for the group that is doing the VBS--I can only help one day and it is a small group--pray they would be able to work effectively together.

Tuesday Thursday and Friday I am at the sending base office. I really have a few things I still need to get caught up on yet from bein gone.

Saturday is our celebration service with the property at El Monte. God granted us favor in the legal case and the ministry team has been back on the property since July 12th. Pray for the logistics of the celebration event and that it would bring the Lord much glory.  Friday afternoon I might be going out to the property to help the team set things up and such, but I have yet to conform if that is what I will be doing.

So that is some of what is, Lord willing, on my agenda this week. Thank you for your prayers everyone! I am blessed because of you.

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