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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mini Conference Starts Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

For those of you hat are eagerly waiting a prayer letter update, I should be getting that out in October (hopefully.)

Tomorrow evening our team mini-conference begins. Please pray for us as a team as we have many important decisions to make and things to discuss. Pray that God would give us His wisdom and show us His will regarding many different matters. I will return from our mini-conference on Saturday evening September 29th. There will be no internet access these next few days for me,. Thank you for your prayers.

Pray also as I am on the conference committee for our week long annual conference coming up  in February 2013. I hope to meet with the other couple on the committee during a lunch break over  these next three days to begin planning because as of yet we have not started. Pray that God would lead us and give us concrete creative ideas, along with a theme for annual conference that will be a blessing and enrichment to our team.

This past week I've been helping my supervisors by typing up schedules, menu, etc for the mini conference, and have spent time with a co-worker that is being led in a different direction and leaving our field at least for now.

Looking forward to updating you during the weekend or early next week.

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