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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Gift----Faith

Hi Everyone

There is a new member in my household again. On the second Monday following the Saturday that Hope died, I went to my friend who was the breeder-just to help her take care of the birds and to get more thoughts on bird care and stuff.

While I was cleaning the aviary she came upstairs and told me she wanted to basically give me a bird--and that I could pick one out. I tried to refuse--several times---but she insisted. She told me to pray and pick one out-all nine of the babies looked exactly alike----all white-what they call an albino color mutation--which isn't really true albino from what I understand, it just looks that way. (I always wanted one of these, but would have never bought one--they are pricey)

Here is the video of them that day at four weeks old-I started petting them all, which resulted in then crying for food, because they thought they were going to get fed instead. (I have discovered I can take very short videos to post on my blog with my camera)

I took one of them home for the night-and talked to Olga about it, which she was okay with me having the bird. However, the last thing on my mind was owning another bird--I think partly because I had loved Hope so very much and my heart just didn't feel ready for it at that point, plus the hand-feeding four times a day was not going to work in my schedule. So The next day I took her back and told the breeder that I would pick her up when she was completely eating on her own.

Well yesterday, the breeder told me the bird was eating on her own, so I went and got her on my day off.  So now I have a gifted bird in the household-I've decided to name her "Faith." Right now she spends most of the day eating, so we will see how this goes. The two seem to get along well so far.

Here she (or he) is:

Happy (almost) one year with me Grace (October 12th)-I hope that you like your gift!

 Who wants to see "Angry birds" live? Sounds interesting. Maybe I should check it out.  Yes announcements about events are often painted on the walls.

The beautiful rose I saw about a week ago in Olga's flowers!

Have a great day everyone!

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The Piper's Wife said...

Thankful for how the LORD works in our lives. You were not pursuing a new bird and yet here Faith is. I am sure that Grace is also blessed.

Praying for you!