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Friday, April 19, 2013

An Update From My Neglected Blog

Hi Everyone!

It's been a month since I wrote on here--time flies when you are busy!

Today I got a little blessing! A less than $1 dollar formal dress from someone's "garage" sale! Very cool! I guess I will be wearing it to church since I rarely have opportunities to go to formal events.

So you are probably all wondering how the youth missions conference went. About 670 youth attended and there were people represented from at least 14 different countries. I got to share a room with a lady named Angelica that was there representing a different missions agency, so it was fun to both be "older than the youth age-wise" as this meant we were in agreement about things such as when we went to bed and what time we got up each day.  It was fun to swap stories about our jobs and hear what God was doing through another ministry and agency. Very cool!

Each afternoon from 12-6 pm, I, along with various members of my team each day, helped represent our missions agency and talked to various people regarding their interest in missions. At the end of the week we had 42 people that signed the paper asking for more information, and I was in charge of following up those 42 individuals with a letter written by my leaders and some other information as well. The conference was a good change in routine for me, which I really needed.I also had a few opportunities to share my testimony with a few people, which was neat, because opportunities to share do not come as often as I would like.

    So after the conference, I've been busy with some administrative things related to the short-term ministry and such. Amanda, who came to Mexico in mid-January, leaves for the States in a little over a week from now. She really has been a blessing and will be missed.

   Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my posts about the walk of grace soon. I just wanted to give a brief update from the conference. Thank you for your prayers.

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