Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Update from Mexico

Hi Everyone,

Well, things have been quiet on my blog for months. May 31st to the 16th of October I was on furlough in the USA. It was SO WONDERFUL to spend time with all of the amazing people that both the Atlantic God has brought in my life! It was a blessing to see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to see my parents, whom I had not seen for four years, connect with friends, family, relatives, and my sending church. Thank you for the part that each one of you has in my life!

I've been back in Mexico for three weeks, It was a little bit of an adjustment at first, but things are going great now. I am looking forward to teaching Sunday school to the 6-9 year old's this Sunday, am enjoying the bonus of being part of a choir at church for the youth group, have been attending team meetings, and getting back into the swing of things regarding work etc.

Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Celebrating Four Years!

Hi Everyone,

Today I am celebrating four years ago that I accepted God's forgiveness and trusted in Him. I am forever grateful :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Videos

Hi Everyone!

Praising the Lord for a working computer this morning after about almost a month and a half without it. I have so many blog posts that I want to get caught up on, but will have to space the between other priorities.

These are the videos that I wanted to put on my last blog post. This is my last one with Grace.

Here is one of Faith--He has to sing "pretty bird" every morning for his celery!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hi Everyone,

The last blog post about being drawn closer has been very accurate. The last month and a half has been filled with various challenges-hopefully it is drawing me closer to the Lord in some way. It started out with after our annual team conference with three weeks of various types of infections. Praise the Lord that my health has returned.

Within about a week of when I was finally well, my computer quit connecting to the internet amongst other issues with it. So that is the reason why some people that I normally skype with haven´t been geting calls. ´ve been doing what I can do of my work from an internet cafe-so pray for patience for me-it isnt the best work environment for concentration.

Then on the 18th of April I believe it was, my birds were outside I had just put them outside, went in the bathroom and came out to my birds screeching with fear. A cat was on top of the cage. I scared the cat away and they began to calm down, but an hour later we had a good size earthquale-thankfully we were nt in the epicenter by any means,However, ever since then my precious bird Grace began to have servere night frights. When my birds wake up in fright, I wake up too to go turn on the light so they don´t hurt themselves. You can imagine how much sleep the three of us were geting with this happening several times a night  Poor grace would take hours to calm down and would hyperventilate from the fear. One night at around 11:30, I pcked her up gently and she climbed to my shoulder. I noticed her personality had turned super docile and tender. She let me scratch her neck, which she had never alowed me to do her whole life even though she was tame. We spent a good hour this way.   (For some reason my video won´t upload)

I really don´t know what else to say except that her night and day frights continued--the slightest movement whether by Faith or myself would scare her to death. She kept holding on until yesterday afternoon when she passeed away. I wasn´t there. I was at youth group and another planning meeting, but I knew when I walked out that door, she would most likely be gone when I got home. It was hard to leave. I burried her this morning when Olga was already out the door for church. I didn´t want Olga to know if I cried or not.

Just like Hope, Grace was named so perfectly. She responded with kindness and didn´t retaliate when Faith would peck at her to move. She would just quietly move to another part of the cage. It was quite interesting watching Grace and Faith--because Grace in a certain way is how I want to be but sometimes Faith is more of who I am like sometimes in terms of character. Faith is stubborn, terretorial, small, filled with enough spunk to last a century, and doesn´t respond right  I am not sure why he is named Faith, but someday I will know.

Pray for a youth prayer night next weekend that I am helping to organize with the youth at church. 33 days till Furlough!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drawn Closer

Hi Everyone,

It has been awhile since I have been writing on this blog--I want to pick up again and realize there are so many things on my heart to say. Today has been an interesting day-a day where I have been challenged to trust in God in a closer sense. Life is all about being drawn closer to God in our walk with Him and that is what I want no matter what it takes, I am thankful for challenges to teach me and refine me and make me consider what truly matters.  God is faithful and unchanging--always worthy of our trust.

Draw me closer Lord to you--make me more like you with each day that passes. I know You will use everything in my life for good---and I will trust you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monarch Butterfly Migration to Mexico

On January 25th I got to go see the Monarch butterfly migration in Mochoacan-something I wanted to see (after seeing a much better photo than the ones I could take)  in a second grade beginning science book! God's creation is amazing!

                 All excited to go in the van that was painted all over with monarch butterflies!

                                   I went on horseback-it was a fun experience

Everything orange is a butterfly! I could only get "close" to a certain point and could only zoom so far with the camera before things started turning blurry.
Male and female butterflies-they explained how to tell them apart.
        We only had about fifteen minutes up there to look and take video and pictures, which I did constantly. I could have stood up there forever! What a great use of a day off!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

         I am looking forward with eager anticipation
             to what GOD will do in the year ahead!
                                          Many blessings to you all :)