Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hi Everyone
We had a meeting with Amigos sin frontera last night-the group that gives medical care and shares the Lord with pople and they are going on a medical trip from November the 14th thru the 20 or so, but I will not be able to go partially due to the fact that the village is asking for 25 people only and there for 41 of us signed up to go. Also the village has asked that there be no sharing about Jesus so it will be purely medical services. There are many factors that have made the situation complicated. Please pray that the Lord's love would be communicated through the actions of those that go, and for safety of all involved.
Pray that the Lord would give me an opportunity to go in February on the following trip if it is his will.
This friday I am going for a week to Acapulco because I got invited by my team mates. I wasn't planning to go, and was praying about it, and then the family that I am staying with mentioned they needed my room to house a few guests that are coming during the time of the trip---so I took that as the Lord lovingly telling me to go. There are 20 of us (including the children) going. Plesae pray that this would be a further time for me to get to know members of my team and invest in one anothers lives.
Pray that the Lord would give me wisdom about my upcoming border trip in January. I am thinking of going to see a dear friend but need the Lord to iron out and clarify all the details.
I was able to help at El Monte to day for a few hours and it was a blessing. The cook and I were singing worship songs in spanish as we worked together in the kitchen. It was a blessing.
Now I am heading off to womn's prayer group. Love to you all! Thanks for your prayers! I am going to try to get some pictures up soon!

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