Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

He Cares About The Smallest Desires!

Hi Everyone,

This may be one of those semi longer posts. So before I get to the point, I need to give some background information.

Backing up in the history of my life, when I came here in Mexico as a short-term worker in 2005, I stayed with a lady (a lady different from Olga who I stay with now) for four months of my six month stay. Anyways she had a vinyl record made and released in Mexico that I absolutely fell in love with! Every time my host walked out the door, I would put that record on and er uh blast it through the house. (It was piano music--so no serious harm was done!!!) I think I literally memorized the songs in my head because I listened so much.

I wanted to find the record more than anything--but wasn't sure how to go about it and between coming from Mexico back to the states from my short-term trip lost the details that I had written down.

Fast forward to when I came back full time to Mexico in 2008. I had no contact with the lady I had lived with during the four months of my least we didn't have contact until a week and a half before I was to fly back home in November of 2009 because of not doing well spiritually, emotionally, physically etc. So I remember sitting at this lady's table feeling like my world was ending, But all of the sudden I remembered that vinyl record and asked her if she still had it. She said yes-and put it on for me.

I forgot to take down the details in my awful emotional state at that point....and was still determined in my heart that I wanted to find it.....somehow.

Fast forward to the present. Okay so about a month ago before the church service started, all of the sudden I recognized a song by piano from that old record that was playing. As you can imagine, like lightening, I ran back to the "sound table" and asked the youth in charge what that music was playing from. It was playing off of a video in youtube. I took notes quite thrilled but still couldn't remember the artists name and such. I was delighted to know thta at least one song was still in existence though! (The vinyl record was recorded back in 1979)

I started intensely longing to hear all that amazing music again!

So now we are fast forwarding to tonight at youth group. At the end of the youth group one of the pastor's daughters mentioned that we are going to decorate the youth room upstairs by creatively decorating old vinyl records and putting them on the wall.

And the thought occurred to me, "Lord, that vinyl record could be in that pile---or you could even, you know, put it in there somehow.....please!"

To my great disappointment, the record did not show up in the pile---I really believed somehow it was going to be there.

But then a group of us girls were walking back to where I had to catch the bus to go home and the three young ladies would walk home to their houses which were close by. We "just missed" the bus I needed as we all approached the bus stop so it was another fifteen minute wait for the next bus. I was holding the vinyl record that I am to "decorate" when, all of the sudden, I leaned over and the album record cover in one of the girl's hands caught my eyes.

"May I just see that for a moment?" I said.

"Sure" she said

I took one look at it and my eyes must have been glowing--it was THE vinyl record---I was holding it in my hands! The one I've been wanting to listen to so bad all this time!

I looked at the girl and calmly said "Would you mind of I traded with you and took yours instead and gave you the one I have? The one you have is really special. I want to listen to it"

"Hey sure no problem! But do you have a way to play it?" she said

"No, I said, but don't worry, I'll find a way."

And we switched vinyl records!

On the bus, tears were silently streaming down my face-saying---"Wow God--you DID IT!! You cared about that? No one else knew about that desire but you--never mind that I don't have a record player---It means so much that You gave this to me! Me of little faith to doubt You! i am so sorry."

And it was as if God spoke to my heart saying, "I do care about the desires of your heart----even those big two desires of yours that are unfulfilled--Trust me---I care and love you."

Somehow I have a little more faith tonight--faith that God really might give those two big desires one day--only if it is in His will and plan obviously!

So upon arriving home, I went to the internet and found the vinyl record long out of print, but was able to buy and download a few different songs from the record that were preserved and out on other discs or re-recorded.

I am having the most awesome and relaxing evening ever listening to this amazing music!

But even bigger than having the vinyl record is the lesson of God's love and the reminder of how He cares about even the smallest desires of my heart!

P.S. Dear youth group, Sorry, there is no way I will ever "decorate" this vinyl record! I'll be asking to see if you have an extra one I can use for the project tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Crystal...what a great story. You needed a lift and what a creative way for God to bless you. I'm so happy after reading this!! - Deane