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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Mouse In The House

Hi Everyone,

Last night I took a friend of mine out to pizza, which is our monthly custom and way to spend time together. At the end of the night I was ready to go home on the bus, and we discovered that the road that I needed to travel on to get home by bus was closed off. The bus drivers that my friend and I asked had no idea when it would open up again.

My friend kindly offered to allow me to stay at her place, which we could get to, so I accepted the offer. On the way to her house someone had a kitten on the bus that meowed without stopping the whole trip, and it provoked a conversation of her saying how much they need a cat at home because due to how the house is situated and all there has been the occasional mouse problem. I thought "oh that's fine-no big deal."  

Well, I had a small cloth bag with me , lent to me by my boss, and in the bag, amongst various items was a piece of candy I had received from the pizza restaurant that night and was saving  for some later day down the road. My friend and I watched part of a movie together and eventually she went to her room to go to sleep and I went to my room where she had so graciously offered for me to stay.

I put the cloth bag on the floor--not sure why and was almost asleep when I heard a familiar sound.---The sound of something small chewing something--it got louder and louder---

I recognized the sound because my two birds try to chew on their paper at the bottom of their cage all the time. (I've trained by birdie Hope to not do so while I am in hearing range-the sound is just something I don't like--all I have to do with Hope now is simply say her name and the word "No;" firmly, and she looks up at me, stops what she is doing, and goes up to a perch.)

So it dawned on me "I bet it is a mouse" and it didn't take long before I picked up a shoe beside the bed and aimed it in the direction of  where the sound was coming from----by the cloth bag on the floor.

I went to sleep--problem solved ----until fifteen minutes later when I heard the noise again loud chewing and unmistakeable. This time with a little nervousness and fear that i would touch the mouse and scream, I very carefully picked up the cloth bag in the dark and put it on a table near the bed. "That mouse better not run accross me in the middle of the night" I thought to myself.

I waited awhile in the dark listening for ore "critter chewing sounds" and finally fell asleep Actually I had to get n the bus at 5:30 with the hour it took to get home, shower and get ready for our team prayer meeting and actually forgot about the whole incident until-----I got home and was gathering things together for the day.

And discovered indeed a not so nice chewed hole in the cloth bag--and the piece of candy also with part of the wrapper missing and chewed through.

I am really disappointed because I don't like it when something happens to something that belongs to someone else.. I haven't had  a chance to tell my boss the story yet

But I guess the mouse probably wasn't happy either because he never got to taste the sweet  even though he indeed worked hard attempting to get it.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Yesterday I drove our van on errands because Jill had the other car in Cedar Rapids. The van hadn't been out of the garage for three weeks. I discovered all the napkins chewed into bits and mouse droppings everywhere. I had a mess to clean up! Well, if THIS mouse comes back, there is some peanut butter waiting for him - on a mouse trap!

Sharon said...

You are very brave! I'm not sure I would have slept at all that night :-/