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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A SurpriseTaste Of Iowa in My Refrigerator

Hi Everyone,

Two weeks ago or so, I took the three candidates out for ice cream--and saw the hugest surprise of my life---chocolate chip mint ice cream---a flavor that almost doesn't exist here. I had told Solangce, Olga's daughter, that if I ever found any, I would invite her out-since it also not only happened to be my childhood favorite, but hers as well. So the next day I invited her and Olga out.

I've been doing the eat out thing this past week, been at people's houses, inviting people out etc--partly for the fellowship to keep myself sane. So I honestly hadn't opened my refrigerator for a few days.

Well, I had to go to the store to buy some fruit to make a fruit salad to take to church tomorrow for our Resurrection Sunday breakfast, and came home to the hugest surprise in my fridge.
Sweet corn!!!!!!

I guess somewhere along the way I had told Solangce or Olga or both that what I missed here was sweet corn--we have white corn here and yellow in the frozen, but it doesn't taste like the fresh that I grew up with!

How sweet of them! Just what I needed today!
The finished product looks much better, doesn't it?
It doesn't taste exactly like Iowa's but it is still really delicious!

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