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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amarillo´s Delight...And My Precious Simple Pleasure!

Hi Everyone,

I had no intentions of buying what I did yesterday----but I bought it---There were four people behind me that would have bought her if I had no done so.

I honestly went to find a graduation gift for my friend and came home with something else---and that usualy never happens. Yes, this is the absolutely last addition to my room--When Amarillo saw it he went crazy singing for over an hour straight--his reaction was priceless--I had no idea how lonely he was---

But we´ve killed two birds with one stone (pardon the expression amarillo) but I accidentally found a very tame baby cockatiel-----and she totally trusts me----I love her to death! She sits on my finger, on my shoulder, lets me pet her all over the place--and hangs out in my room when I am home--hasn´t bitten me yet. Amarillo also has a companion now--so he´s happy as can be--some days are long, which is great for me because I am here to work and serve, but for Amarillo, he is by himself a lot--(well used to be.) Ministry does not end at 5:00 p.m.

So now I have Yellow speckles (Amarillo and the new one I named Speckles for her mix of yellow and light brown in the feathers)--one male and one female--and they get along great....and it is a good thing they live for 15 to 20 years!

Amarillo and speckles--they are both special---but Speckles and I have something so wonderful---a relationship because she trusts me.

Simple pleasures are the best.....I think Amarillo would agree!

Introducing Speckles...............

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