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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Youth Ministry Event

Hi Everyone,

Saturday was a long day--I got up really early and took the bus to meet several of the youth in my church as well as youth from other churches. I wasn´t sure where we were headed---(my fault for not reading the flyer) I thought it was a youth conference or something---turns out it was a community service and evangelism type thing like what I do with the doctors and dentists of Amigos Sin Frontera--I was so excited!

As I said in the video, the dentists were not able to come, but it was a blast anywyas! Hee are a few more pictures---the oversized toothbrush (which was really cool and hand-made was suppose to be a prop for the dentists) Honestly we found a few ways to entertain ourselves with it at the end of the afternoon!

When I got back to Cuernavaca, it was time for regular youth group--so I got to hang out with the youth more! It was a great day of ministry!

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