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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do We Use Prayer As An Excuse Sometimes?

HI Everyone,

At prayer Monday morning at the sending base one of my collegues talked about God´s command to pray without ceasing---which definitely we should do. But He also mentioned and questioned that if sometimes we use prayer as an excuse not to act or help others. He said that sometimes it is easy to say that we will pray for someone about their need but at the same time in certain situations we may not realize that we can be a tool of the Lord for the answer to their prayer. I am just mentioing this because it is something I am thinking about---and praying "Lord, how can you use me to be Your instrument to be more atentive to those around me and be a blessing??" What do you want me to do about the needs I see around me--obviously I can´t help every single one but make me obedient to You.

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The Piper's Wife said...

Thank you for this thought. How can we say we will pray when there is a need right before us?

Another thought is just saying we will pray when we could ask to pray with them right now.

We surely need to open our eyes.