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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Important To Share The Gospel Clearly

Hi Everyone,

I´ve heard some gospel presentations--where the gospel has not been presented clearly--i

When we share the gospel with someone---we are encouraging them to consider TRUSTING in Christ alone for their salvation. I understand that we use the words like "receive Jesus in your heart"--but talking about TRUSTING in Christ, in my opinion, is so much more acurate as to what is needed for salvation.

Jesus being the Father´s one and only Son was concieved by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin (Mary--who also needed a Savior and did not have sinless perfection as some claim), lived a life without sin, and died willingly on the cross taking our punishment for sin upon Himself. Three days later He arose from the grave proving that He was and is God--His death was all suffcient once and for all. No one else could ever do what Christ has done for us.

A person´s eternal destiny depends on who or what they trust in--and only trsuting in Christ alone is going to get us to heaven---not our good works---trying to be good---following church tradition, being raised in a Christian home etc.....or anything else.

Another thing I´ve been thinking about is just that we need to be careful about asking people to "pray the prayer" too quickly. There is nothing wrong if someone prays and gives their trust to Christ whle doing so-----that is great and that is just fine---but just because someone "prays the prayer" does not necesarially mean they are saved or trusted Christ (This was assumed in a gospel presentation I heard recently--and I found out later that the individual thought it was "hogwash and wanted people off of their case." Also especially here in the culture and religion--people "repeat prayers after others like a mantra a lot." People can so easily pray a prayer--and still not have a clue. We just need to be careful.

So it is really important to stress that it is trusting Christ that saves--and that people aren´t trusting in a prayer to save them either.

Lord, use us as your instruments to share the gospel truthfully, simply and clearly--that others may be drawn to know You the one and only living God.

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