Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Language Learning And Culture!

Hi Everyone,

This morning I dicovered that I can actually read the newspaper in Spanish quite easily! Honestly, I don´t think I had ever tried before. I feel like I am learning a lot language wise and starting to learn more culturally. Honestly I am enjoying the process.

I have received approval from those on my team as the orientation committee to do my cultural paper on the reasons behind the various holiays that are in well as exploring how the days are celebraterd. Celebration is such a big part of the culture. I actually began writing up interview questions to ask people. Pray for me, as I, after writing the questions and geting them approved, will go out and talk to people. Pray that people would have answers to the questions I am seeking, and that I would learn new things about the culture and what people are truly thinking and believing. I am passionate about understanding where they are TRULY coming from and not just think I know when I probably don´t. THAT is how I will be able to minister more effectively as God enables.

I still can´t get over what it is like to wake up every morning with peace with God and myself in my heart--THE REAL JOY of knowing that Heaven is my true home---and deeeply desiring to reflect His love to those around me...there are still many here that need to know about Jesus`love. It has almost been nine months since God changeed my life and brought me to Himself.

I want more Mexicans to know of that JOY and to be able to celebrate JESUS--for who He really is.

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