Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Worship Is More Than What Happens On Sunday Morning

Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking again lately about something that I may have talked about a few months ago. I've been thinking about how worship is so much more than what happens on Sunday morning. Sometimes it can get easy to reduced worship to the "Worship Service." Now there's nothing wrong with worshiping God at church as long as it really is that and not simply mere entertainment.

But worship is so much more than that. A friend the other day was mentioning how many times in the Bible Worship was connected to isn't just some giddy feeling that we get, although emotion and feeling can be a part of it.

Worship in part really comes down to how we live our lives before God and everything we do is to be done for the glory of God.......worship can be a result of obeying God and living a life that pleases Him....having a heart response to our God who has so graciously set us free from the law of sin and death....that our every action, thought, and all that we do is done unto Him and in gratitude to Him-----remembering that He is worthy of all of the honor.

I've been thinking, "How much do I do out of self and flesh, and what do I do out of worship to Him?"

I definitely don't have everything "figured out" yet, and never will on this side of Heaven, but one thing is clear.

Worship is so much more than what happens on a Sunday Morning.

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hopelesslydevotedtoHim said...

Beautifully put Crystal!
Just last week at church our message was about worshipping God in the right way.
My favorite quote was "You become like what you worship" which made me think of what I want to be like and the clear answer is:God and therefore it is an easy decision to worship Him!
I hope you had a good new year's eve with friends from church. I hope to see you soon!!!