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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Amazing Story Of My Arrival to Mexico!

Hi Everyone!

I have arrived! Somehow, it feels like I am sort of home. God is so good and it so clear that He is with me and taking care of me.

When I finally got into Mexico city last night, I had to take a bus to Cuernavaca. I must have looked really tired in the airport because everyone was asking if I felt alright. Well, when I got to the window to buy my bus ticket, they said that IA literally had five minutes to get to the bus and get on it. So you can imagine that the next five minutes were quite intense-getting to the outside spots where the buses were, getting my baggage tags for the bus, getting through security to get on the bus, and getting on the bus itself. The minute I stepped on that bus, it pulled away from the terminal.

They actually had a semi-decent movie playing on the bus in Spanish, (usually they aren't worth watching) so I alternated my time with looking out the window, and following the movie. It was some type of star trek related thing----and had scenes in it from back in IOWA---which is where I had just come from! I thought that was really interesting.

Then I got to Cuernavaca and was suppose to be meeting up with a couple that was from Fernando and Flor's church, but in my haste trying to get to the bus, I hadn't had time to pick up one of the cards that they have to use pay phones here. (It is not god to be here without one) I stood around for awhile praying and trying to figure out what to do next. I found out they sole phone cards in the other building for the terminal across the way, but I couldn't go with all of my luggage to get one. A woman was nearby with her small children. I asked if she had a cell phone. She said she didn't but her husband came up and gave me his. I called the number of the people that I was suppose to be staying with but the credit to the phone ran out. I gave the husband about three bucks worth of pesos and he went to the other building, bought me a phone card, and called my hosts back getting their address so I could tell it to the taxi driver.

The family from the bus station was actually heading in the same direction close to where I was going. In the taxi as we drove my mind began to be flooded with memories as I saw certain places--like the day that I stood on the pedestrian bridge by the park and God had made it clear to me that I wasn't his. I am so glad for that day. The last time I was here (before our august mini-conference) was a crazy intense process----but God has worked so mightily.

I got to the family's house where I was staying for the night. The amazing thing is that the family I met at the bus station actually called later to make sure I had made it. The weather is awesome-65 degrees-and it was complete with tacos that we bought from the neighbors to celebrate!

God is so good! It is wonderful to be here! I have arrived--a new chapter has begun!

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Dan and Laura said...

Welcome to Mexico! Glad to hear that you made it! I pray your transition goes WELL!