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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cultural Lesson Number One-How To Eat A Taco!

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick video....and a post related to the title will be below.

Last night when we went for tacos and brought them back home I put some salsa verde (green salsa) on mine---yum.

Well in the course of waiting, my tacos got a little soggy. The wife handed me a fork and all of the sudden I felt extremely awkward. In Mexico we eat a lot with our hands (using tortillas to scoop up things etc) and most of the time if we do use tableware, we use a spoon.

So I felt really awkward. I knew I wasn't going to be "eating them the right way." I began using the fork and then the wife's husband came in and saw me eating and said, "Do you see how she is eating?" The wife began to explain, "Well her tacos were soggy."

I finished eating and said to the wife, "You still would have picked them up wouldn't have you?'

"Yes," she said.

It really turned out fine----it probably means I have adjusted to the culture more than I realize being here.

So lesson number one on Mexican culture is "Use your hands as much as possible whenever the foods permit."

On a side note, I had a really great morning going to church and spending the afternoon with some people. I ate the best hamburger I have ever tasted in all of my years. Tomorrow I go to the sending base office to start work with some of my team members.

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