Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking lately about where "home" is

I don't have a physical house to call home where my family is anymore, but when I think about it home is partially all of the following:

1) It sort of is where my parents are, although that changes every few months from their volunteering--maybe it's more like home is the ability to call their cell phone number and connect for a few minutes from time to time.

2) It is sort of here in my community, with my home church, and dear friends here that my heart just about breaks to leave....but hopefully one day more will be with Jesus joining us, in a tiny small tinge of a part because I left and obeyed God.

3) It is in Mexico as least I hope it becomes more that way--and I expect it will become so with more time.

But yet even though I love all of these, none of these are quite exactly "perfectly home."

In a way I want "home" to be wherever I am at the moment. I want to be fully enjoying life in the present...but I don't always take advantage of the moments I am given......and even then, even when I do live to the fullest, I realize I am still in so many ways a a land I don't totally fit into....I don't really fit into either culture....although there are many things I love about them both...and not so good things as well.

Home is where the heart is-----they say.

So I guess my heart is all over the place----here, Mexico, and yet sometimes longing to at least visit with my parents in their RV, but I realize more and more that HOME is a place I have never seen----I'll truly be home when I am with Jesus in eternity--and there won't be anymore awkward moments or being reminded of the reality that the truth is that this life is but for a moment.

It will be wonderful to be FINALLY HOME!!!!....but I plan on enjoying life wherever I am with the Lord and those He places into my life until I get there!

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