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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Image Is Not Everything

Hi Everyone,

We live in a world where our image is considered of very great importance. There is a statement that "image is everything." Some people spend hours a day trying to create an image of perfection----perfect hair style, appearance, even buying into the lie that a certain clothing size is what is needed to be acceptable....and they try reach that goal to the point of starvation and self-destruction.

For others "image" may mean something different or in combination with what is above. "image" for some people can be living with the idea that we try to give people an impression that we are something that we really aren't. This can stem from fears that, "No one would love me if they knew who I really am." For some "image" can mean how their status looks to society--like the type of car they drive to work.....and what others think because they drive that car or have whatever it may be.

And from a physical standpoint yes, we need to be physically active and take care of ourselves, and we shouldn't go to work looking totally grungy if we have something better to wear.

Our image and our real true identity are not the same thing. We are NOT what we look like, we are not our job, and we are not the impressions that we work so hard to give others.

If we are trying to get our approval from either a false image of who we want people to think we are, or anything else other than the identity that we have in Christ, we are going to come up feeling empty every time. And the identity that er have in Him has to line up with the truths of how He sees us in His Word.

If we do not let Christ be our identity, the world will surely give us an identity instead.

Image is not everything.

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