Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Because I Love Jesus And Belong To Him

Hi Everyone,

So I seriously had the most awesome morning ever! Let me tell you why!

I went and grabbed a little breakfast---just for something different---on my way down to the medical clinic to volunteer this morning.

I was almost ready to leave when one of the women without a residence that I know walked right in the door of the establishment I was eating at!!!!!

Awesome! I haven't seen her for over three months! We both recognized each other. She came and sat at my table.

She finally let me buy her a cup of hot water for tea so she could warm up.

We must have talked for over half an hour! It was great! She invited me to go to a Bible study on John with her Monday morning. I really want to go to check it out with her and make sure she is getting biblically solid teaching.

I also got the privilege of putting a little more money on her gift card to where we were eating---so she can have a few meals over the next few days.

And while I was in line waiting to put the money on her gift card, I got to share the gospel and my testimony with a guy that knows her.

Awesome! I needed an opportunity like that! I get wierd when I haven't directly been able to share the gospel with someone for a few days-----it's true!

I am so excited that God brought her back across my path---we are hoping to meet (her and I that is) on Monday morning again before I leave town for Thanksgiving!

I love this ministry to those without a residence.......such a strategic place where God has placed me right now-------and I am really going to miss it!!!!

Why do I do all of this?? Answer: Because I love Jesus and I belong to Him---and I want to share His perfect love with the world!

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