Psalm 146:2 "I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Salvation Is NOT "Fire Insurance"

Hi Everyone,

Salvation is not fire insurance! So many people look at it that way.

They either look at it like, "I trusted Jesus and can live how I want"

or they say, "hey, at the end of my life, I can always repent at the last minute of my life."


Yes, if someone genuinely trusts Christ alone at the last minute of their life, they will go to be with Jesus."

And, "Yes, my guess is that there are true believers out there in the wold living ho they want...but they actually might be quite miserable doing it."

But imagine that the gift of salvation and all of God's blessings besides, is like this huge huge mansion----filled with joy---joy of having Jesus work through is and be IN us and the joy of obeying and doing HIS WILL.

Well when someone trusts Christ, in a sense they enter the door of that great mansion filled with over-exceeding abundant riches (Spiritually speaking) greater than they can imagine--they are IN CHRIST and IN HIM THEY LACK ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

And The Lord REJOICES that people enter the door and are "in the house."

But God does not want us to simply "enter the door." He has so much more for us!

So when the person that used salvation as "fire insurance" dies and lived their whole life as they wanted to, because they thought they knew what would satisfy them and NEVER trusted God for His best IN AND THROUGH THEM, what does God think?

"Well, I am glad you are my child, but it was never about you, I had so much I longed to do through you."

And to the person that KNOWS what the truth is and yet refuses to turn and trust Christ until the last moments of their life (assuming they know when that moment is, and are able to trust Him,---many do not at that point), would God not say, "You are in Heaven, but wow--there was so much more than that to it all---"

Let's NOT take salvation as "fire insurance"...we have one life here on earth----let's not waste it with the things of this world that are passing away and don't EVEN MATTER!!

Jesus Christ didn't just die to "save us from hell." He died to save us from ourselves--that is our fleshly sinful self-life, which is EVERYTHING CONTRARY to what HE DESIRES!

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